Month: March 2022

Performance Tuning

Code Performance improvements are a layered approach. I think of it as multiple passes and focii to Statistics. slightly out of date stats on huge tables can greatly affect performance. Index Optimization: Review missing indexes, remove unused indexes. Data Management Views: find what is slow on the whole server, and start digging in. Not just

Who is this Lowell guy anyway?

Hi I am Lowell Izaguirre, and I’ve am a cutting edge Senior Database Administrator for SQL Server. I’ve got the paper pedigree for those who care, two MCSA’s and an MCSE as well, but the key is my experience, deep scripting capabilities, and the tools I use to make myself the fastest, most efficient DBA

sp_getddla and sp_getddl

If you have ever worked with SQL Server, and wanted to script a table, you know it is a GUI process, that behind the scenes, is calling SQL Management Objects(SMO) to create the script for you, which you can then copy and paste. But what if you want to script the table and put it